Drum Lesson Tips.

Being a drummer is more than just a hobby before you start attending drum lessons please be familiar with the tips below for your success and nourish. There is a very big difference between a drummer who does is as a hobby and those who do it as a lifestyle. The difference comes in practice and practice habits. A lot of commitment and practice is needed for one to start drumming and fly all the way to a star drummer. The tips below will help you increase your learning speed and enjoy practicing other than seeing it as a chore.


Create time to practice and time to play

There is a very big difference practice and jam. During practice one learns skills on speed, stick control, new skills and many more techniques required. Playing time is when now you apply the learned skills in real applications. Do not always play your favorite jams, practice and practice on new tunes for your growth.

Set goals for each practice lessons

aszdfdOne of the biggest mistakes drummers either beginners or those who have been in the field for long for long do, is not setting goals for their practice lessons. Do not just walk in a practice room without knowing what you want to achieve for the day. You can even make a timetable indicating what to learn when.

Surround yourself with challenging music

Do not just play the simple music or drumming techniques. Grow from simple techniques to much more challenging skills. For instance if you want learn on playing double bass drums, then choose music that incorporates the same. You see, when you are listening to advanced beats, you are gradually incorporating then in your brain. This gives you much more challenge and makes you want to play the challenging bit you heard. This definitely means skill and creativity growth.

Have fun all through

Always enjoy when on the drums. This is to mean that even if you are playing boring or rudiments, you do not like, try and make them fun and enjoyable. If you are not having fun during practice lessons then believe you me, you will not learn as much. You can even communicate with your trainer if you have one to postpone a rudiment you are not enjoying to a future date, or if you are having online lessons, then play what you want when you want.

Practice with a metronome

qdfsxdThe duty of a drummer is to keep the band on time, so if you practice without a metronome, you can never lead a band. To lead a band as a drummer, you need to play a solid drum beat and roll on. Ways to add technique to this tip is by playing your favorite tunes. Also get professionally recorded tunes and play along with them. This way practice will not be boring because you are playing on your favorite tunes, but be very careful not to always play that one tune all through because it will hinder your growth.

Tree Trimming Tips And Techniques.

Overgrown trees in your compound make it look dirty, can be a hiding place for pest which spread diseases to your family and also in the case of fire, it will spread very fast. It is therefore very important to keep your trees, shrubs, and fence trimmed to the right heights.

Importance of tree trimming


ertrghtjsdProper trimming helps give a tree a good shape and appearance. It is, however, important to avoid forcing a certain shape on a tree. Follow the original natural shape of the tree during trimming for the best results, and required beauty.


Old trees might have dead and broken branches which can fall anytime, hurting people or even animals. Some trees grow very many branches to a point obstructing one when driving. It is at this point when trees impose danger to human life that they should be trimmed to ensure that no one gets hurt.


Sometimes dangerous insects and parasites hide in tree branches. Trimming down the branches improves air flow and destroys the habitat hence eliminating the disease spreading insects. This helps keep people staying near the trees healthy and free from diseases.

Tree trimming tips

Be careful on the size of branches you want to remove. If its diameter is less than five centimeters, then you can go ahead and remove it. If the diameter is between five and ten centimeters, then it is not a good idea. For diameters more than ten centimeters, trim with very god reasons.

Trim only weak, narrow, V- shaped branches; these are because such branches give the tree a bad shape and even pause dangers to people. Do not cut strong and U- shaped branches.
Avoid trimming branches very close or way too long, do not leave stubs or completely remove the branch collars. The long stubs might knock and hurt somebody.

Pruning techniques

sxdxcIdentify the branch collar before making any cut; this part grows from the bottom part of the stem. Identify the branch ridge, which is on the upper part and parallel to branch angle.Make your cuts on the outside part of bark ridge and away from the stem. Be keen not to hurt branch collars.

If the stem is very long, use three cutting technique. The first step is to make a notch on the part of the stem facing away from the stem, make these second cut inside the crotch above the ridge of the stem and lastly remove the stub by cutting through the stem parallel branch bark.