How to Roll a Marijuana Cigarette (Joint)

As much as the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis began within recent years, there is a wide range of strains available. Each strain has a unique euphoric effect on its user. For instance, ‘pineapple express’ and ‘lemon haze weed‘ will not offer the same psychoactive experience due to the difference in cannabinoids concentration levels. Once you pick the right buds, you can either smoke them using a bong or roll a marijuana cigarette. The information in this article aims to help you learn how to roll a joint, especially if it’s your first time.


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Do you have all your rolling essentials? These include cannabis buds or flowers, a rolling tray, rolling papers, grinder, filter tips, lighter, and ashtray. If you are yet to have all these, consider visiting an online smoke shop and making purchases. When going on a smoking session, it’s advisable to have a bottle of water to stay hydrating.


Begin by placing your grinder, buds, a sleeve of rolling paper, and filter tip on the tray. Break up the buds into small bits and put them in the top layer of your grinder. Once you have the size you desire, proceed with the grinding process. Pour out the final product and take out any seeds or stems that may be present.

Take the sleeve of rolling paper and place a filter tip on one end of it. Fill the hollow part of the paper with the ground product until it’s enough. Using the filter tips as a guide, gradually mold the weed between your fingers to take a cylindrical shape. Starting from where your tip is, tuck in the rolling paper, and tightly roll up to the other end. Once done rolling the weed, lick the sticky end, and tap your joint on the filter end to keep things intact.


If you have no experience rolling a joint, consider trying with and without a filter tip to determine which method is easy. It’s advisable to consider rolling regular-size joints since kingsize ones are more complicated to roll, especially for beginners. Always have an ashtray to avoid burning stuff or dirtying your living space.

Don’t worry if your first attempt doesn’t turn out a success. To avoid this technical process, you can consider buying a rolling machine. They are straightforward to use and affordable. To get better at rolling marijuana cigarettes, you will have to practice extensively. I hope this information comes in handy. Have a pleasant 420!

Best Cannabis Products to Buy

Cannabis comes in a variety of products depending on your preference. The good news is that almost all types of cannabis are beneficial. Before choosing any product, it is advisable to do some research and determine the right product for you. Here are some cannabis products:


Kief is a product of cannabis. It is the sand-like substance that remains at the bottom of the grinder after grinding your cannabis. Kief is still useful as cannabis as long as you know how to use it correctly. The best thing with cannabis is that nothing has to go to waste. I love buying kief when I need something that packs a big punch.

You can use kief by adding it to your morning coffee. When you take kief, it will take around 20 minutes before you start experiencing the effects. You can also sprinkle kief to your food if you want to experience the slow effects of the food.

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is quickly gaining popularity. It has a medicinal use, and you can use for a variety of reasons. Cannabis oil in its purest form can be expensive, but it is definitely worth the cost. For beauty purposes, you can add it to your oil to help manage acne.

It is also possible to add cannabis oil in your food as long as you choose the edible ones. When buying cannabis oil, make sure that you buy it from a reputable buyer so that you can get the best quality cannabis oil.

Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles are ideal for people who are hesitant about taking cannabis in its raw form. There are different types of edibles, depending on your preference.

You can get chocolates, cakes, and cookies that have been infused with cannabis. For this type of cannabis, the effect will kick in slowly but will last for a long time.

Cannabis Juice

Cannabis juice is now an option for many people. It is squeezed from cannabis leaves and branches. Research has proven that taking cannabis juice also has benefits, just like any other cannabis products. The only way to get juice from cannabis is to extract it from fresh raw cannabis.

It is possible to extract the best quality of juice when you use raw and fresh plants. Taking the sauce on its own might not be possible because of the bitter taste. However, it is possible to mix it with vegetable juice to dilute the bitter taste of juice.