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Instagram is a wonderful photo sharing application, but it is more fun when other people are following you. When new on Instagram however, one tends to have very few or no followers. This article gives very simple tips and techniques to new users on how to get more Instagram followers.

Instagram followers

Settle on a clear focus for your account

Choosing what will be appearing on your account should be the very first thing you decide on. If your aim is to showcase your best photography, stick to the best photos and not at any time should poor photography appear on your wall? For instance, if you want to market let’s say, designer shirts, stick to this all through and avoid posting your daily activity snapshots of you hanging out with buddies. Followers will enjoy following you if they are sure you only post on designer shirts.

Make your account appear great

Make the photo feeds great and attractive; this is what people liked at the first place then decided to follow you. Make the first twenty photos for instance very captivating and attracting such that people will like them. Delete old photos if necessary and always keep in mind that quality is much more important than quantity.

Link your account to existing channels

socialNow that your account looks great to let all know. Share the created Instagram account with your blogs, Facebook, Twitter accounts and any other platforms. You can also send quick email messages to your buddies informing them that you have an account with Instagram and asking them to follow you. This will aid you to get the first fifty to a hundred Instagram followers.

Contact other Instagram users

After people from your already existing accounts have followed you, reach other potential users on Instagram to follow you. The very best way to catch peoples’ attention and make them follow you, is to like their photos and leave sweet comments on their photos. This way the person will be very happy and want to see what you have and mostly follow you back. This way only genuine Instagram followers will be gained.

Engage your followers always

followers alwaysThere is no reason for building a high number of followers unless you will manage to keep them engaged. This will be achieved by posting quality photos regularly if possible on a daily basis. Some followers will not like too many postings from you. Spread the posting time evenly; it is advisable to post after six hours. Some of your followers will unfollow you if you post boring photos or if you post too much. Also always respond to comments from followers, a simple ‘thanks’ for positive comments makes the follower feel appreciated.

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