The Best Dogs’ Care Tips During Winter

During winter the temperature typically falls, and the environment is usually characterized by snow which typically coats the ground. Just like we take particular measure to safeguard ourselves against the severe climate during winter, our pets too need special care. This read, therefore, informs us on the several steps that we can take to safeguard our dogs from the extreme climatic conditions during winter;

Dog’s paws

dog's pawAccording to professionals, the ear, tails, and legs of the dogs are usually susceptible to the frostbite during winter. Since there is nothing much you can do to the dog’s ears and tail. It is highly recommended that you walk with your dog only during the day and for short distances.

As for the paws, you should invest in booties that will not only protect the dog’s paws but also help in keeping its feet warmer. Since there are some toxic chemicals in the snow like deicers, the booties will prevent your dog from meeting such a chemical.

Daily calorie intake

You will need to adjust the daily calorie intake of your dog during winter. A dog’s diet should be balanced, that it should contain all the nutrients like calories, minerals, and vitamins. Your dog needs all these nutrients to be healthy. However, during winter, the activities of the dogs, just like it is with the human beings will drastically change; this means that you will have to adjust its nutrition as well. The dog may need more calories than the other days especially if you go to the field and play with it. Similarly, if the dogs do not go out for the breaks, then you will also be required to reduce the calories that they take.

Play while feeding

You will realize that there will be reduced activity of your dog during winter. Your dog may not want to feed because of this. This should, however, not distract you from trying to feed your dog; it should take its food since it is critical to ensuring that it remains healthy. There are various creative ways that you can feed your dog. Once such way is playing as you supply with your dog.

Block off the heat sources

heat sourcesDuring winter, you will realize that most animals will look for heat sources and cuddle around such spots. These places are dangerous since they present high risks for your dog since they may not know how hot the temperatures will rise. Blocking the heat sources and limiting their access to such areas by locking doors is highly recommended. Watch the video below for the dogs’ care tips during winter;