Factors that make tattoo removal a success

The decision to have a tattoo removed is as difficult as having it done in the first place. You have to consider the physical impact it may have on your skin. Individuals react differently to the removal of tattoos due to several reasons, but it is a procedure that must be carefully considered. The number of sessions that are required to remove the ink vary depending on several factors. Here are some of the factors that increase the chances of successful tattoo removal in Microblading Beverly Hills;

Age and location of the tattootattoo

The older a tattoo is, the easier it is to remove it. This is because ink tends to fade with time. The new ink may take a lot of time to remove because it is still fresh. The location also matters because areas like the ankle, feet, fingers and hands have a limited supply of blood circulation. Therefore, the healing process in such areas is slow. The removal process will also require more sessions for the ink to be removed as compared to tattoos on the back.

Ink depth and amount

The depth of the ink and its amount are crucial factors when it comes to tattoo removal. The size of the ink particles also comes into play. It is not hard to grasp the concept that the bigger the size of the ink particles, the harder it is to remove the tattoo. This is because when the ink particles are large, they will not break down easily and the process may be partial. Moreover, when the ink has more density and goes deeper into the skin, removal may require more sessions.


Not all colors react to the laser the same way. Therefore color plays an integral role. Dark colors such as blue, green and black may be easy to remove. On the other hand, if the tattoo is full of reds, white, and yellow removal may be challenging.

Size of the tattoo

tattooThe size of the tattoo plays a significant role in removing it. The bigger the tattoo, the more ink that was used. Therefore, it will require a lot of laser treatment sessions to remove it. Smaller ones are done using less ink thus removing them is a quick process.

Skin tone

The darker the skin, the harder it is to remove the tattoo. This is because dark skin absorbs more laser energy as compared to light skin hence restricting the effectiveness of the procedure. In addition to that, dark skin is more susceptible to scarring and tissue damage. Therefore, any ink that will be removed under a scar will be difficult to remove.